The digital archives are here for two purposes:

1) To provide property owners with information regarding Aspenhof’s history, governance, and financial affairs; and a directory so members of the community can contact each other, popular vendors, and emergency providers.

2) To provide the Board of Trustees with historical data to help them guide Aspenhof consistently without the need to solve the same social and financial problems over and over.

Unfortunately updates to the meeting agendas and minutes, financial summaries, and directory have become difficult or impossible to obtain, and the historical data is rarely referenced when making new decisions, so there is no longer either a method or a reason to maintain the archives. In the absence of more current data the archives will probably be dismantled by the end of the year. If anyone wants them I can provide what I currently have as a large compressed “Zip” file.

Thank you for your support. Dan, #81, my address is in the Aspenhof directory.

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