1930 maps

Aspenhof is located in Charrette Township, Warren County, Missouri. The Digital Library at the University of Missouri has many maps on line, including a 1930 plat map of Warren County. As best I can tell, we are in Charrette Township at T46N R2W, mostly in sections 32 and 33 (if I have my Section/Township/Range terminology correct!). The main lake, for example, is right on the boundary of those two sections. The "Hackman" name is prominent in that area.

Here are some of the maps available at that site. I have left them quite large so they can be enlarged for easier reading or printed.

   Warren County 1930 Plat Book
   Warren County big map
   T46N R2W map - Lot #81 sits on the corner of Sections 29, 28, 32 and 33