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9 June 2016: #109 Aspenhof For Sale. Asking $75k fully furnished. Beautiful view of lake from deck; own gated access to Hwy 47; fully renovated in 2015, including kitchen, plumbing, electric, heating and AC. Original A frame structure. Call Matt Morrison at 314-445-4966. (from Matt Morrison, 314-445-4966)

13 May 2008: Several new owners have expressed difficulty in find a company to insure their cabins. One company that seems to understand the issues and is more flexible is United Mutual. The representative in Washington, MO is David Kopp, 636-239-6047. (from Bill Morgan,

3 April 2008: Frequent questions are "do you know of any cabins for sale?" or "how do I sell my cabin?" Here is a flyer that explains one resource. (from Dan Miesner,

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